About Us

Our Story

Khadijah Shareef is a career professional in the healthcare field. She has an extensive background in Med / Surg, Spinal Cord Injury, TBI, Developmental Disabilities, Mobility Impairment, Tracheostomy Care, Wound Care, Case Management, Quality Assurance and Policy Development. Since beginning her nursing career in 1983, she has held positions ranging from staff nurse, instructor, director, and CEO.

Who We Are

In 2016, Khadijah began consulting to start-up entities, with a focus on industry regulatory education. A passion for the genuine “win” of those she serves, has led Khadijah to collaborate with other industry professionals who share a common interest in the strength of a well-educated clientele, that ensures their success and ability to avoid pitfalls. Her unique expertise and experience in licensing, accreditation and compliance gives her clients a unique advantage in the highly competitive field of healthcare. Khadijah remains a fierce advocate for a system of healthcare that supports all of society with quality healthcare, which can only be provided from well trained and dedicated professionals.